Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Success Stories

Kim K., came to us as a referral from a good friend after recently being terminated from her most recent employer. Through the center’s services she received assistance applying for unemployment, but unfortunately was quickly denied.  Soon after her main focus was finding employment but she was not sure of where to start. She was also injured on her previous job which posed an issue for her to return to the field shed known for so long. Kim’s experience prior to program entry was in the healthcare industry but she also held a Class E driver’s license, but never truly took advance of it. For years she never needed a resume or had to apply online for jobs. So today’s job was an unexpected hurdle. However, with the assistance of employment services, resume building, job leads and access to the computers to conduct her job search. Soon after her membership she was gainfully employment full time as a local transportation driver with benefits. Kim’s success was due to her commitment to make scheduled appointments and her openness to overcome her hurdles.

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