Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tax Season Volunteer Opportunities

The Prosperity Center has a number of volunteer opportunities this tax season. As an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Site, we offer free tax help to individuals and families with incomes under $52,000. Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome. Contact us to sign up.


Site Coordinator
Manage all facets of a VITA site, including managing volunteers, setting up the Site, transmitting returns, contacting clients concerning rejected returns, retransmitting corrected returns, and collecting and submitting data. The Site Coordinator must be comfortable using a computer and have the ability to use Microsoft Windows-type programs. In general, advanced-level tax certification is required.

Financial Specialist 

Help Prosperity Center clients understand the value of transactional and/or savings accounts. The Financial Specialist may open accounts for clients who choose to establish one of these relationships. Computer and Internet experience is required for this position. A background in financial education or financial services is helpful.


Act as the initial contact to the taxpayer, helping coordinate traffic flow and ensuring that the taxpayer qualifies for free tax assistance. The Greeter has each client sign in and provides information sheets to be completed. No income tax knowledge is necessary for this position.

Information Assistant 

Gather appropriate documentation for the Tax Preparer, reviews the client information sheets for completion, and provides appropriate data as noted on information sheets. No income tax knowledge is necessary for this position.


Facilitate bilingual communications between the clients and the tax preparer. No income tax knowledge is necessary for this position.

Quality Control Reviewer 

Check each return for accuracy and completeness before it is transmitted. The Quality Control Reviewer completes and initials a checklist for each return. Advanced-level tax certification is required.

Tax Preparer 

Review client documentation, interview the client, and prepare the client’s personal federal, state, and local income tax returns on a computer. You must be comfortable using a computer. Basic-level tax certification is required.

Tax Coach 

Help taxpayers who choose to prepare their own returns under the assisted self-preparation model. The Tax Coach must be comfortable using a computer and have the ability to use Internet tax programs. It is recommended that you be familiar with completing your own tax returns. Basic-level tax certification is required.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Community Workshops and Tax Prep

We are kicking off the new year with new community workshops. The Prosperity Center is also a VITA tax preparation site, providing free income tax filing assistance for households with income of $52,000 or less.

Workshops are free and open to everyone, but registration is required. Contact us to register and get started toward your 2014 goals!

Prosperity Center for Financial Opportunity
2014 Community Workshops

ABC's of Personal Finance
January 25th
10:00 am

Filing Your FAFSA

February 11th

  4:00 pm

Living on a Fixed Income

March 11th

  4:00 pm

LinkedIn Networking

April 8th

12:00 pm

Choose to Save

May 17th

10:00 am

Online Job Applications

May 31st

10:00 am

February 15th8:00 am-Noon

February 22nd

8:00 am-Noon

March 15th

8:00 am-Noon

March 29th

8:00 am-Noon

April 12th

8:00 am-Noon